Case Method of Learning

Global competitiveness has led academic institutions to produce graduates who are sound in solving contemporary business issues in a responsive manner. Today, organizations require employees who are competent at bringing critical perspective with a global insight towards all work components. To address these grieving concerns pertaining to critical thinking, problem solving and effective communication & decision making, universities like Harvard, Warwick, Wharton, Oxford and so on have started teaching through case studies.

These business focused problem or decision based real life scenarios help students to develop skills to compete and sustain in the job market whilst significantly contributing towards economic wellbeing.

Importantly, teaching a case study or executing a case based class to make students learn a concept is entirely different from a traditional lecture. This requires instructors to learn and understand case execution process to meaningfully complete the discussion class in time.

In order to meet the global educational standards Sukkur Institute of Business Administration has been very keenly working on case teaching and case development. One of the evidence is the success of Sukkur IBA's fully Case Based MBA program.

To promote case teaching and case research, Sukkur IBA is stepping forward by providing a platform to new and seasoned case writers for interacting and learning from each other by attending this conference.

Case Conference Format

The case roundtables and case presentations will be conducted during the conference.

1st International Conference on Business, Economics & Education - ICBEM 2016 will be a wonderful platform for seasoned case writers and those who are writing cases for the first time as the conference will provide opportunity to attend interactive sessions on case development and case teaching.

The submitted cases will also have an opportunity to be eligible for one or more awards. Additionally, the selected cases will have the opportunity to be published in:

  • The Case Research Journal - Emerald Publishers
  • Sukkur IBA Case Research Journal

We specially encourage those who are new in case writing and case teaching to attend this conference and get benefit from roundtables (as observers), case teaching and case writing workshops.

All the cases submitted in this conference will undergo a blind peer-review.

We invite cases in the following areas:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Organizational Behavior and Leadership
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • IT Management
  • Entrepreneurship (In all areas)
  • International Business
  • Supply Chain / Operations Management
  • Small Business Management
  • Strategic Management

Cases must be original work that should be based on real events, real people, and real organizations. These case(s) must have not been previously presented and published in any conference/journal or in any other form. These cases may also not be under simultaneous review for other conferences or publication.


The submitted cases should be:

  1. a. Real life situation based cases only
  2. b. Decision oriented cases
  3. c. Situational Cases

Please make sure that the Followings are included in the submitted case:

  1. a. Case and Teaching Note (Instructor's manual)
  2. b. Cover page clearly mentioning names, affiliations, and contact information of all authors. Clearly identified contact person for all conference correspondence
  3. c. Case synopsis - (One page summary of the case)

The submission Deadline is August 15, 2016.

Waheed Umarani For Further Deatils. Dr. Waheed Ali Umrani
Manager Case Studies (1st ICBEM)
Sukkur IBA Case Research Center (CRC)
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