Editorial Board ICBEM 2016
Professor Zakir Hussain
Editorial Board: Dr. Zakir Hussain
Metropolitan College of New York
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Professor Tayyeb Shabbir
Editorial Board: Dr. Tayyeb Shabbir
Professor of Finance California State University
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Professor Michael Cameron
Editorial Board: Michael Cameron
Waikato Management School
The University of Waikato, New Zealand
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Professor. Alison M. Konrad
Editorial Board: Professor. Alison M. Konrad
Professor at Ivey Business School
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Dr. Vaqar Ahmed
Editorial Board: Dr.Vaqar Ahmed
Deputy Executive Director at SDPI

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Professor Shida Henneberry
Editorial Board: Prof. Shida Henneberry
Director of Master of International Agricultural and Chair at Oklahoma
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Professor Rita Laura D'Ecclesia
Editorial Board: Professor Rita Laura D'Ecclesia
Professor at Sapienza University
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Professor Michael L. Lahr
Editorial Board: Professor Michael L. Lahr
Rutgers University
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