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Sukkur IBA Affiliations & Accreditation

Conference Brief

The purpose of this conference is to provide a platform for the researchers at regional, national and international level to share their work that tests, extends, or builds management theory and contributes management practices.
There are two reasons you should attend our conference.
First, we have a very rigorous peer-review system that will enable you to further improve your research work.
Second, you will be having an opportunity to interact with the most seasoned researchers from your area and get a direct feedback on your research work.
Third, you will also have a chance to interact with different researchers across the country.
We call for research articles and case studies from all empirical methods including, but not limited to, qualitative, quantitative, meta-analytic, and mixed methods.

Patron's Message
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At Sukkur IBA University we are deeply connected with our mission that is community service. We strongly believe that with the continuous efforts in promoting research by organizing high quality research conferences Sukkur IBA University is contributing in the community welfare.
This 2nd International Conference on Business, Economics and Education Management is a podium to transform your knowledge. I encourage experienced and novice researchers to attend this highly professional event as our purpose is to contribute and promote research that can produce better bearing.

Prof. Nisar Ahmed Siddiqui
Patron ICBEM,
Vice Chancellor, Sukkur IBA University

Professor. T. Ramaya,
Editorial Board: Dr. Tayyeb Shabbir

Prof. Ramaya is professor of Technology Management at School of Management, Universiti Sains Malaysia. Visiting Professor King Saud University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Adjunct Professor at Sunway University, Multimedia University and Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia. He has supervised numerous PhD/MA/MBA students in the fields of Information Systems, Operations Management, Marketing Management and Organizational Behavior having graduated 46 PhD student, 16 DBA students and 7 Master students.
He is a trained Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) analysis instructor having attended training’s by Professor Joseph Hair (Kennesaw State University), Professor David Kenny (University of Connecticut), Professor Gregory Hancock (University of Maryland), Professor Everarda Cunningham (Queensland University of Technology), Professor Christian Ringle (University of Hamburg) and Professor Jorg Henseler (University of Twente) and Professor Marko Sarsted (Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg). He has conducted Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) workshops in Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand and India.
His publications have appeared in Information & Management, International Journal of Operations & Production Management, Tourism Management, Journal of Travel Research, Journal of Environmental Management, Technovation, Journal of Business Ethics, Internet Research, Journal of Business Economics and Management, Computers in Human Behavior, Resources, Conservation and Recycling, International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making (IJITDM), International Journal of Information Management, Evaluation Review, Information Research, Asian Journal of Technology Innovation, Social Indicators Research, Quantity & Quality, Service Business, Knowledge Management Research & Practice, Journal of Medical System, International Journal of Production Economics, Personnel Review, and Telematics and Informatics among others.
He is constantly invited to serve on the editorial boards and program committees of many international journals and conferences of repute. In addition, T. Ramayah has collaborated with noted companies from various disciplines of business through multiple consultancy projects. To date, his consulting experience includes research conducted for companies such as Tesco, World Fish Center, MIMOS etc. Next to consultancy projects, T. Ramayah is also actively involved in various research grants ranging from short term grants, research university (RU) grants, FRGS up to externally funded international competitive grants like the POSCO grant from Korea. He was a Visiting Professor at the National Taiwan University for a month in 2007. He is also currently serving as Adjunct Professor and Senior Research Fellow at various universities and research institutes.

Conference Themes

The 2nd International Conference on Business, Economics and Education (ICBEM) offers two tracks for submissions namely Research Articles and Case Studies.
Following are the board areas of interest to the conference management committee:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Agribusiness
  • Economics
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Human Resource Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Leadership

Guidelines for Authors

The authors are required to STRICTLY follow the instructions given on this page, for convenient processing.


We will strictly follow the double blind peer review process. All papers sent for review will be anonymous and will not contain any information about authors. Kindly use the paper submission system at the conference website to Submit your paper. Your questions or comments should be sent to


The authors are required to strictly follow the APA Style Guide for formatting their papers, failing which the paper will not be accepted for presentation.

Paper Length

Abstract must begin with a new page. The abstract page should already include the page header (as given in APA Style Guide). Keywords (max. 4 words) from your paper must be listed in your abstract. The abstract should be a single paragraph between 150 and 250 words.

For formatting details, please download and follow the APA Style Guide Completed research papers are limited to maximum of 5000 words in length, excluding all figures, tables, references, and the title and abstract page. Final papers SHOULD NOT exceed the upper limit. In case the paper exceeds the limit the editors reserve the right to edit the paper to conform to the specified upper limit.

Paper Layout

The paper layout is as follows:
Page setup: A4, Portrait
Margins: Leave 1.5 inch margin on left side and one-inch margin on right side as well as top and bottom of each page
Paragraph Indention: Indent each paragraph 5-7 spaces and apply the indention consistently throughout the paper
Line Spacing: 1.5 throughout the entire paper
Page Numbering: Number page consecutively in the top corner, beginning with title page
Header: In the flush left, use a shortened form of the title as a header


Please follow the APA Style Guide of referencing and references

Paper Submission

For Paper Submission an online system is integrated , please follow the instructions step by step provided in Submission Guidelines.


2nd International Conference on Business, Economics & Education Management (ICBEM) invites you to join the organizers as member of the review team.

All interested reviewers must have a significant research background, updated knowledge of their subject area.

All papers sent for review will be anonymous and will not contain any information about authors. Each paper will be sent to two or more reviewers. Each reviewer may receive 3 to 5 research papers from their specified area of interest, for which s/he will be liable to submit the review comments within the given time frame.

All reviewers' comments will be considered by the Chairperson of Review Committee, and later the Editorial Board.

The reviewers will not be offered any reward in cash or kind, however, they will be provided with the Certificate of Appreciation for their services.

All interested reviewers may contact the undersigned on or before October 30, 2017 through email specifying their area of interest. You are also requested to attach your most updated CV for our reference. Please

Dr. Waheed A. Umrani,
Manager (2nd ICBEM)

Sukkur IBA University, Airport Road, Sukkur - 65200, Sindh, Pakistan
Tel: +92-71-5644124; Mob: +92-323-2731431
UAN: +92-71 (111-785-422); Fax: +92-71-5632465

Be a Guest

If you do not have a paper and you want to attend all the activities of the conference as a guest, you are more than welcome to join this professional event.
Please register yourself through our online system with option as GUEST.
You will get conference kit, the meals, coffee breaks, tour, and certification of attendance.
Once you do this, please send confirmation email to

Registration fees for guest is Rs. 5,000/- PKR.

Important Dates
Full Paper Submission Deadline31 Dec, 2017
Notification of Decision18 Jan, 2018
LEarly Bird Registration deadline22 Jan, 2018
Registration Deadline31 Jan, 2018

Global competitiveness has led academic institutions to produce graduates who are sound in solving contemporary business issues in a responsive manner. Today, organizations require employees who are competent at bringing critical perspective with a global insight towards all work components. To address these grieving concerns pertaining to critical thinking, problem solving and effective communication & decision making, universities like Harvard, Warwick, Wharton, Oxford and so on have started teaching through case studies.

These business focused problem or decision based real life scenarios help students to develop skills to compete and sustain in the job market whilst significantly contributing towards economic wellbeing.

Importantly, teaching a case study or executing a case based class to make students learn a concept is entirely different from a traditional lecture. This requires instructors to learn and understand case execution process to meaningfully complete the discussion class in time.

In order to meet the global educational standards Sukkur Institute of Business Administration has been very keenly working on case teaching and case development. One of the evidence is the success of Sukkur IBA's fully Case Based MBA program.

To promote case teaching and case research, Sukkur IBA is stepping forward by providing a platform to new and seasoned case writers for interacting and learning from each other by attending this conference.

Case Conference Format

The case roundtables and case presentations will be conducted during the conference.

2nd International Conference on Business, Economics & Education - ICBEM 2018 will be a wonderful platform for seasoned case writers and those who are writing cases for the first time as the conference will provide opportunity to attend interactive sessions on case development and case teaching.

The submitted cases will also have an opportunity to be eligible for one or more awards.
We specially encourage those who are new in case writing and case teaching to attend this conference and get benefit from roundtables (as observers), case teaching and case writing workshops.

  • The Case Research Journal - Emerald Publishers
  • Sukkur IBA Case Research Journal

All the cases submitted in this conference will undergo a blind peer-review.

We invite cases in the following areas:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Organizational Behavior and Leadership
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • IT Management
  • Entrepreneurship (In all areas)
  • International Business
  • Supply Chain / Operations Management
  • Small Business Management
  • Strategic Management

Cases must be original work that should be based on real events, real people, and real organizations. These case(s) must have not been previously presented and published in any conference/journal or in any other form. These cases may also not be under simultaneous review for other conferences or publication.


The submitted cases should be:

  1. a. Real life situation based cases only
  2. b. Decision oriented cases
  3. c. Situational Cases

Please make sure that the Followings are included in the submitted case:

  1. a. Case and Teaching Note (Instructor's manual)
  2. b. Cover page clearly mentioning names, affiliations, and contact information of all authors. Clearly identified contact person for all conference correspondence
  3. c. Case synopsis - (One page summary of the case)

The submission Deadline is 31 December, 2017.

For Further Deatils.

Dr. Waheed A. Umrani,
Manager (2nd ICBEM)

Sukkur IBA University, Airport Road, Sukkur - 65200, Sindh, Pakistan
Tel: +92-71-5644124; Mob: +92-323-2731431
UAN: +92-71 (111-785-422); Fax: +92-71-5632465


Early Bird Registration:                      Rs. 5,000/- PKR
Early Bird Registration for Students:             Rs. 2,000/- PKR
Registration: Rs. 7500/- PKR
Registration for students: Rs. 3000/- PKR
Registration fee includes meals & accomodation

Contact Us

Dr. Waheed A. Umrani,
Manager (2nd ICBEM)

Sukkur IBA University, Airport Road, Sukkur - 65200, Sindh, Pakistan
Tel: +92-71-5644124; Mob: +92-323-2731431
UAN: +92-71 (111-785-422); Fax: +92-71-5632465